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Fr Aaron Spinelli
We continue as a parish community to pray for all the victims of the terrorist attack on Westminster. It
is a shocking event to have happened. I was in London that day, and there was a palpable sense of
shock and bewilderment, there too was an eerie silence that descended upon the city: Oxford Street
emptied, tube and train stations strangely quiet - devoid of the usual throng of commuters and
tourists. So let us pray for all involved especially for those injured and are undergoing treatment, let
us pray for those who died and for their families and finally let us pray for an end to this stupid,
cowardly and evil violence in our world.

Let us pray not out of resignation but with hope!

We welcome Fr Ron Robinson who will be helping me with some Masses this week.

We also welcome to our parish those, from around the Diocese and beyond, who will have attended
the Romero talk in our hall before the Vigil Mass, we hope you feel welcome here in Horsham.

Also we congratulate the children who made their First Confessions over the past two weeks. At all
Masses this weekend they will receive their certificates marking this important milestone in
preparation for their First Holy Communion.

May I draw your attention to the usual times of confessions in the newsletter and also for you to put in
your diaries the date and time of Our Parish Lenten Confession service which takes place on April 4th
at 7:30pm. I have invited a number of priests to assist me that evening.

Remember we have a duty to go to reconciliation (Confession) in preparation for receiving our Easter
Holy Communion - this is our Easter Duty! If you have not been for a while do not worry, the priest will
be more than delighted to welcome help you through! Do not waste time in procrastinating – have
courage it is Christ’s Love, Mercy and Forgiveness that awaits you!

With every prayer and good wish.

Stop Press In response to the East Africa Crisis Appeal we will have a second collection next week.