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Fr Aaron Spinelli
I came across some parish headed notepaper which we rarely use these days. The 'description'
beneath the parish address reads:

'St. John's parish is an active Christian Community, walking with Christ and our neighbour, in love,
prayer, fellowship and service'.

Then I thought to myself "Is this the parish I recognise today?

Sharing this with you is not an attempt to confirm or criticise whether I think we are or not ,simply to
cause each of us to pause and reflect on not only is this the parish we live and worship in, but also
whether we individually contribute to this ideal or not?

Like any other parish we are made up of individuals building a community. It is the role, even the
responsibility,of each of us to build the Kingdom of God where we are, to the best of our ability. We
are called to make known in word and deed, no matter how small or large that may be.

In today's second Reading from St. Peter, we are asked to Reverence the Lord Jesus in our hearts
and always have our answer ready for people who ask us the reason for the hope we all have.

In our own strength this would be difficult, some would say impossible, without the help of God. In
our Gospel Jesus promise his disciples - you and me today- that He will not leave us orphans; that
He will send another Advocate, the Holy Spirit, to help us to continue Christ's mission in our world