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    The Pharisees of my time were very educated persons who had deep knowledge of the Holy
Scriptures and outdid others with their piety and religiosity. However, the same as with the
theologians and bible Christians of these times, they misinterpreted the Holy Scriptures many a time
because they leaned much on human reason instead of accepting the Word of God with faith.

God is immutable, equally is His Word. In every human family, there is a parallel with the first human
family that God created with His own hands. In the divine plan, man is united to a woman so that they
become one special entity, which is strengthened by the blessing of God. God wants his children to
proceed from the love of a family, which has been formed in a holy manner.
Unfortunately the human idea is very different to the desire of God. Adultery or forbidden sex outside
marriage is the cause of the destruction of the moral principles of these times. Even more perverse
is homosexuality. Human beings live their lives searching for pleasure and they despise the divine
laws. Devastating consequences of this sexual permissiveness are the destruction of life before
being born in the wombs of the mothers, an aversion to marriage, and children who grow without the
maternal and paternal love found in perfect homes.

The man and the woman of these times don’t want to assume the matrimonial responsibility that
involves fidelity until death. The future husband and wife must elect carefully their partners; they must
not do it just for the physical attraction, but in response to the love of God who wanted man to have a
companion for life. Many marriages break up because they don’t accept the matrimonial covenant
that is made before God for life. A man and a woman get together to become one single flesh, a new
fountain of life that will generate children for God.

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