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      This week's Gospel speaks of how Jesus' disciples are to conduct themselves as they await the
Kingdom of Heaven. In the preceding passages, Jesus taught that there is no way to predict the
coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. His disciples must, therefore, remain vigilant and ready to
receive the Son of Man at any time. Jesus' parable talks about Christian discipleship using
economic metaphors. Before he leaves on a journey, the master entrusts to his servants a different
number of talents, giving to each according to their abilities. A talent is a coin of great value. Upon
the master's return, he finds that the first and second servants have doubled their money and both
are rewarded. The third servant, however, has only preserved what was given to him because he
was afraid to lose the money. He has risked nothing; he did not even deposit the money in a bank to
earn interest. This servant is punished by the master, and his talent is given to the one who brought
the greatest return. This parable teaches that God's judgment will be based on the service we
render to God and to one another in accordance with the gifts that God has given to us. Our gifts, or
talents, are given to us for the service of others. If we fail to use these gifts, God's judgment on us
will be severe. On the other hand, if we make use of these gifts in service to the Kingdom of Heaven,
we will be rewarded and entrusted with even more responsibilities. This Gospel reminds us that
Christian spirituality is not passive or inactive. Our life of prayer helps us to discern the gifts that have
been given to us by God. This prayer and discernment ought to lead us to use our gifts in the service
of God and our neighbour. God's grace allows us to share in the work of serving the Kingdom of