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May I begin this week to say how good it is to be back with you after a couple of very difficult weeks
following the sudden death of my Father in Sicily. I have been greatly touched and fortified by your
cards, messages and most especially your prayers. These have carried me and my family through
this devastating period. Thank you for your patience in my absence and I am thankful to Bishop
Richard and my brother priests who have covered whilst I’ve been away sorting things out. A big and
heartfelt thank you goes to Deacon Tom and to my staff who have been so supportive in taking control
of the ‘steering wheel’ - so to speak. I am indebted to them.

The normal routine will resume for me until the Parish Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Just to note that
Holy Mass on Tuesday will be at 9:30am as I shall be attending the Council of Priests meeting in
Crawley at 11am.

There were a number of important meetings that were cancelled in my absence which need to be
rescheduled, I would like to meet with anyone who might want to help with next year’s First
Confession and First Holy Communion preparation. I know it is short notice, however, I would like to
meet before Half-Term for those interested, if we could meet on Tuesday 17th at 7pm in the
Presbytery I would be most grateful.

The other meeting was with the Young People who wished to meet to discuss the Scriptures and the
Church’s Teachings if we could meet during Half-Term at 11am after morning mass on Tuesday 24th
October again in the Presbytery.

The Bishop will be coming to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the Consecration of the Church on
Wednesday 25th October at 7pm. This is a significant milestone in the history of our Parish; I would
like to see as many as possible participate. There will be a party after the Mass, so if Parishioners
could bring some food to share in the manner that we do so well I would be very grateful. The Parish
will provide the drink.

Finally, we are planning to renew the kitchen in the Parish Hall in the summer of 2018- which is well
overdue! In order that we cater for all hall users we will be seeking views of kitchen users as to the
best configuration and equipment. There will be more details to follow shortly